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Fantasia (Fantasy)

Short Film In Development

Fantasia is an erotically-charged drama that tells the story of Rebeca, a young woman who attempts to fulfill her boyfriend´s sexual fantasy by impersonating a prostitute. She soon realizes what happens when you cross the line between reality and fantasy.

La Mula Muerta (The Dead Mule)

Short Film 2012

Beatriz is having an affair with her boss, Nicolas, an ambiguous and elusive guy. When his wife comes to Beatriz´ house to blackmail her, she has to decide whether her love for him is something worth fighting for.

watch it on YouTube (12:20min / english subs)

Jesus TV

Short Film 2010

Jesus comes back to free the human race from sin, but no one is paying attention. To change this he takes advice from a supposedly good angel and creates his own miracle-filled reality show.

watch the trailer on YouTube (35 seconds / spanish only)


Short Film 2009

There is a santeria ritual that states that the soul of two people can be united forever if there is love between them. But there is a catch: if love is not present death will come. Even knowing the risk, Nani takes the leap of faith and performs the ritual.

watch on Vimeo (w/ english subs)